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       Tsingtao Rattan Air Conditioning and Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Huangdao District linked to the main urban area of Tsingtao by the world’s longest sea bridge (Jiaozhou Bay Bridge).Tsingtao, on the east coast of China, has been a powerful symbol representing high-tech, beauty and livability. Tsingtao Rattan is a high-tech enterprise specialized on "Air Purification". We  undertake the design and the construction of Class1-Class9 purification engineering for laboratories, manufacture sectors, hospitals and others. In the meantime, we also work on the production and the sale of consumables and supporting equipment used in your purification processes.
       施工范圍包括:裝飾裝修、空調通風、配電、自動化控制、殺菌除塵、供氣供水、環氧自流坪、PVC防靜電地面、給排水、污水處理等,綜合解決客戶凈化車間建設難題,一站式全 方位配套,為客戶提供安 全、耐用、實用的凈化作業場所。
       Our work domain includes: decoration, air conditioning, power distribution, automation control, water and gas supply, sterilization & dust removal, self-leveling terrace, non-electrostatic PVC ground manufacture, and drainage & sewage treatment. We always work on a comprehensive approach to achieve the best purification design and construction to efficiently resolve any request from our customers.We provide a complete line of service for our customers to ensure a safe, durable, and truly clean workplace.    
       With respect to engineering construction, we have always adhered to the principle of "Clean 4D Space, Heart-to-heart Intelligent Manufacturing".To carry out a successful project, we have committed to high-standard raw materials and advanced technology. We have always stood on the side of our customers, to help to modify the traditional line with high energy consumption to an energy saving and environmentally benign process. More importantly, we endeavor to largely reduce the gross cost in production and operation.
       公司擁有技術精湛的售后服務團隊,為新老用戶提供完善的售后服務,解決業主的一 切后顧之憂。對凈化車間用備品備件常年儲備,提供潔凈室售后保養管家式服務,減輕企事業單位凈化場所管理負擔,降低使用成本,讓業主省力、省錢、省心使用。
       We always offer a comprehensive customer service to resolve all enquiries from our customers. We store adequate equipment used in any purification lines.We treat ourselves as the caretaker of our customers, aiming at eliminating excessive bureaucracy, and reducing the maintenance expense. With consideration of our expertise and reputation, we promise to save your time, your money and your concern.
       Since the foundation of our company in July 7, 2011, nearly ten years of development, we have always committed to"Quality First, Service Prioritized". We devote ourselves in the professional design, high-standard construction, daily-care service and constant innovation in our technologies.









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